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Electricity Generator Levy: Everything you need to know

United Kingdom - November 29 2022 The UK government has announced that it will be imposing a new temporary Electricity Generator Levy (EGL) of 45% on the extraordinary revenues of low…

Matt Bonass, Zoe Feller, Emily Patel, Elizabeth Reid

Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) issues in Aviation & Aerospace

USA - June 29 2022 The biggest single issue impacting global aviation and aerospace! What is happening and what to do? This will be the first of a series of events on…

Paul Briggs, Timo Förster, Simon Phippard

International Green Hydrogen Report 2022

European Union - June 16 2022 Whether as an energy carrier, as energy storage for renewable energies, as a climate-neutral fuel in transport, as an essential element of sector…

Hermenegildo Altozano, Víctor Paz Arjona, Michele Arruzzolo, Alfonso Bayona, Chelsea Chan, James Durnall, Laura Huomo, Dr. Matthias Lang, Chris de Mauny, Sandra Seah, Sibylle Weiler

Urban Energy in the UK - 2021 Trends

European Union, United Kingdom - March 2 2021 The challenges that 2020 presented have not slowed down the UK's drive towards a zero carbon future. If anything, Covid-19 and Brexit have spurred on…

Geraldine Laing, Joshua Partridge, Jenni Sainthouse

New FIDIC Books (2017 Editions) - Are you prepared?

Global - February 7 2018 On 5 December 2017, FIDIC published the Second Editions of their Red, Yellow and Silver Books, which have been setting the standard for international…

Marco Nicolai, Elizabeth Reid