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Electricity Generator Levy: Everything you need to know

United Kingdom - November 29 2022 The UK government has announced that it will be imposing a new temporary Electricity Generator Levy (EGL) of 45% on the extraordinary revenues of low…

Zoe Feller, Emily Patel, Elizabeth Reid, Michael Rudd

Annual Online Global Sports Day 2022

Global - October 19 2022 Bird & Bird's International Sports Group is delighted to provide you with the recordings from our second annual online global 'Sports Day'. The…

Sam Beer, Toby Bond, Richard Bush, Lewis Calder, Andy Danson, Will Deller, Emma Drake, Elizabeth Dunn, Lereesa Easterbrook, Zoe Feller, Joseph Fesenmair, Craig Giles, Jonathan Goldsworthy, Matt Hanson, Rich Hawkins, Yannick Hefti, Cat Hughes, Saskia King, Chris Lavey, Richard McMorris, Nick Peacock, Péter Rippel-Szabó, Jose Rivas, Jumani Robbins, Joaquín Muñoz Rodríguez, Robert Rose, Louise Sargeant, Olaf Trojan, Robert Turner, Montserrat Turrado, Georgie Twigg, Jacob Webster

Energy Storage - Building a Bankable Project

United Kingdom - March 5 2021 Recent years have seen considerable interest in energy storage, and battery Technologies in particular. These Technologies have the potential to…

Joshua Partridge, Elizabeth Reid, Dr. Hermann Rothfuchs, Jenni Sainthouse

Proposed new UK foreign investment and listing restrictions

United Kingdom - November 16 2020 Last week, the UK Government published new proposals designed to restrict foreign investment in the UK and to potentially block securities listings…

Amy Farrer, Peter Willis

Energy Storage: Update 2020 2

United Kingdom - July 24 2020 The energy sector has undergone major change in the last decade due to the growth of the renewables market. Energy storage technology is touted as a…

Joshua Partridge, Elizabeth Reid, Jenni Sainthouse