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The German FCO at the Intersection between Competition Law and Sustainability Initiatives

Germany - September 20 2022 “Competition law does not stand in the way of cooperations [between companies] that aim to achieve sustainability objectives - quite the contrary” -…

Dr. Stephan Waldheim

In review: licensing and antitrust issues in Germany

Germany - July 16 2022 An overview of licensing and antitrust issues in Germany, including anticompetitive restraints, refusals to license, and unfair and discriminatory licensing.

Dr. Jörg Witting

Spotlight: standard-essential patents in Germany

Germany - July 16 2022 A brief overview of the law and practice surrounding standard-essential patents in Germany, including abuse-of-dominance issues, injunctions and FRAND licensing.

Dr. Jörg Witting

German Federal Cartel Office (“FCO”) makes use of new investigative powers, including in the digital economy and the German waste management sector

Germany - February 15 2022 On 30 December 2021, as expected, the FCO issued a decision finding that…

Dr. Stephan Waldheim

German Federal Cartel Office (“FCO”) publishes “self-cleaning” guidelines

Germany - January 19 2022 On 25.11.2021, the FCO published its “self-cleaning” guidelines, specifying the conditions under which companies that have been found by a binding…

Dr. Stephan Waldheim