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EU - The Canon-case: gun jumping before acquiring control

European Union - June 20 2022 A recent judgment from the General Court of the European Union has shed more light on gun jumping. Gun jumping means not notifying a merger that…

Pauline Kuipers

Dutch competition watchdog ACM continues scrutiny of in-app payment services

Netherlands - May 18 2022 For some time, the ACM has actively been enforcing competition rules against Apple relating to in-app payment services possibilities for apps offered…

Pauline Kuipers, Daniëlle van de Vijver

Dutch ACM welcomes Commission’s draft guidance on sustainability but remains critical

Netherlands - April 20 2022 In an overall welcoming response, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets (“ACM”) has provided feedback on the European Commission’s…

Matteo Stainer

Focus on the Dutch Authority for Consumers & Markets agenda for 2022-2023: energy & sustainability, digital economy and the housing market

Netherlands - February 15 2022 The Dutch Authority for Consumers & Markets (“ACM”) decided in August 2021 that Apple is abusing its dominant position by imposing unreasonable…

Pauline Kuipers

Antitrust Outlook 2022 - what’s in the stars for big tech, sustainability and competition in general?

European Union - January 19 2022 2021 brought about many significant new developments in EU competition law, including landmark judgments from the EU Courts such as those in Google…

Alexander Brøchner, Pauline Kuipers, Morten Nissen