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Rising electricity prices in Singapore - What is happening and what can be done?

Singapore - July 18 2022 Natural gas accounts for 95% of the production of electricity in Singapore. As Singapore relies on imported natural gas for its power generation…

Chelsea Chan, Terrance Goh, Sandra Seah

Competition Developments During COVID

Singapore - November 17 2021 COVID-19 has disrupted entire industries and communities, shuttering many businesses but also creating new opportunities. Businesses that have…

Chelsea Chan, Sandra Seah

Prospective Changes to CCCS’ Guidelines on the Substantive Assessment of Mergers

Singapore - April 19 2021 The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (“CCCS”) has proposed updates to several of its guidelines. Among these, are updates to the…

Sandra Seah

Singapore: Data Centres in 2021

Singapore - January 27 2021 Across the globe data centre plans and trends were thrown into disarray in 2020 by COVID-19 restrictions. Physical construction and renovation…

Chelsea Chan, Sandra Seah

Prospective Refinements to CCCS’ Competition Guidelines in 2021

Singapore - January 20 2021 Digital platforms have experienced significant growth and popularity in Singapore in recent years and COVID-19 has accelerated its proliferation. The…

Sandra Seah