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Tech-tonic shifts: managing workforce changes in uncertain times

United Kingdom - November 14 2022 The tech giants have been the bedrock of the US economy in recent years. However, announcements of large-scale layoffs and sharp declines in market…

Furat Ashraf, Pattie Walsh

Frontline UK Employment Law Update Edition 15 2022 - Case Updates

United Kingdom - July 20 2022 In this case, the Employment Tribunal ("ET") held that an employee with long COVID symptoms qualified as disabled for the purposes of the Equality…

Alison Dixon, Jonathan Goldsworthy, Elizabeth Lang, Tim Spillane

Change Management and Restructuring Projects

Global - July 4 2022 The ‘roaring twenties’ of this century have left the business world in constant turmoil. After emerging from the pandemic, geopolitical tensions and…

Pieter De Koster, Pattie Walsh

Horizon Scanning Summer 2022

Global - June 22 2022 The pandemic has turbo charged digitalisation, fostered innovation and created previously undreamt-of flexibility in the labour market. In addition…

Rob Briggs, Emily Clark, Rachael Malarowski, Pattie Walsh

The metaverse - golden opportunity or virtual headache?

United Kingdom - June 20 2022 Will the metaverse radically transform working life, or just exacerbate the challenges posed to employers by hybrid and remote working? In the short…

Alison Dixon, Jonathan Goldsworthy, Charles Hill, Elizabeth Lang, Tim Spillane