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Ferrero’s “Tic Tac” container - a landmark in the protectability of shape trade marks regarding food containers

European Union, Italy - December 6 2019 In a recent case handled by our Italian IP Department, the Court of Turin - confirming the validity of the shape trade marks covering Ferrero's "Tic…

Giovanni Galimberti, Francesca Rombola

Reform of Italian IP Code - the implementation of EU Directive 2015/2436

European Union, Italy - June 24 2019 Since March 23, 2019, the Legislative Decree n. 15 of February 20, 2019 implementing the EU Directive 2015/2436 to approximate the laws of the Member…

Francesca Rombola

Is the mysterious street artist Banksy changing his/her IP enforcement strategy and using the courts? Recent judgment of the Court of Milan on trade mark and copyright infringement

Italy - April 1 2019 Sometimes different IP rights go together and even overlap to some extent, like the law of copyright and trade marks. This was one of the issues in…

Viola Macrelli

Red Bull loses in trademark dispute before the EU General Court over its earlier word mark ‘VERLEIHT FLÜGEL’ (gives you wings)

European Union - November 12 2018 Energy drinks and alcoholic beverages can be easily found in the same department at the supermarket - and can be mixed together. However, on 4 October…

Valeria Meli

Does the root word “IMPER” designate the quality of the goods?

European Union - October 11 2018 In deciding three appeal cases concerning the registrability of IMPERO COUTURE, IMPERO DIAMONDS and MISS IMPERO within the context of the earlier…

Francesca Rombola