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Employer innocence no defence to data breach liability

United Kingdom - December 27 2017 The High Court has confirmed that an employer was vicariously liable for an employee’s breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), following his…

Ian Hunter, Pattie Walsh

UK Employment Law case updates - February 2017

United Kingdom - February 21 2017 The Court of Appeal has held that an employee's act of gross negligence, through dereliction of duty, can justify an employer's decision to dismiss…

Ian Hunter, Pattie Walsh

Re-focusing our Gaze: The HR Agenda for 2022

European Union, United Kingdom - December 24 2021 The converging crises of a global pandemic and a climate emergency, coupled with the United Kingdom’s long-awaited exit from the European Union, gave…

Alison Dixon, Ian Hunter, Rachael Malarowski, Tim Spillane

Six-month non-compete valid against a "star" junior employee

United Kingdom - July 31 2017 The High Court has reviewed the principles for assessing whether a non-compete clause was necessary in order to protect legitimate business interests…

Ian Hunter, Pattie Walsh

Employer's bullying caused employee's disability

United Kingdom - January 6 2010 It has been reported in the press that a former sports reporter for the News of the World has been awarded the significant sum of £792,736 for unfair dismissal and disability discrimination.