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Rising electricity prices in Singapore - What is happening and what can be done?

Singapore - July 18 2022 Natural gas accounts for 95% of the production of electricity in Singapore. As Singapore relies on imported natural gas for its power generation…

Terrance Goh, Jonathan Kao, Sandra Seah

Green Finance - A Singapore Update & Our Insights

Singapore - June 24 2022 Further to our article on “Recent Developments in Sustainable Finance in Singapore - Green Bonds”, which outlines some key initiatives by the…

Sandra Seah

International Green Hydrogen Report 2022

European Union - June 16 2022 Whether as an energy carrier, as energy storage for renewable energies, as a climate-neutral fuel in transport, as an essential element of sector…

Hermenegildo Altozano, Víctor Paz Arjona, Michele Arruzzolo, Alfonso Bayona, James Durnall, Laura Huomo, Dr. Matthias Lang, Chris de Mauny, Michael Rudd, Sandra Seah, Sibylle Weiler

Competition Developments During COVID

Singapore - November 17 2021 COVID-19 has disrupted entire industries and communities, shuttering many businesses but also creating new opportunities. Businesses that have…

Jonathan Kao, Sandra Seah

More stringent penalties for late filing of Annual Lodgements for companies, LLPs and VCCs with effect from 30 April 2021 in Singapore

Singapore - April 22 2021 Under the law, all companies, limited liability partnerships (“LLPs”) and variable capital companies (“VCCs”) are required to file their Annual…

Sandra Seah