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Third parties can now appeal Belgian DPA decisions before the Market Court

Belgium - January 19 2023 The Belgian Constitutional Court Ruling No. 05/2023 of 12 January 2023 grants third parties the right to appeal decisions -- even in disputes they…

Jehan de Wasseige

GDPR Enforcement in Belgium: Trends & Risks

Belgium, European Union - January 6 2022 Trends & Risks 4 January 2022 Introduction 3 Enforcement by the BDPA 4 • Who are the defendants before the BDPA? 4…

Lisa Gius, Simon Mortier

Action Plan on Intellectual Property outlines significant changes for the EU IP framework

European Union - November 27 2020 On 25 November 2020, the European Commission published a new Action Plan on Intellectual Property to support the EU’s recovery and resilience. The…

Camille Vanpeteghem

Data Access Claims Under Competition Law and Data Privacy Requirements

Belgium, European Union - August 18 2020 In recent months, several competition authorities have declared that they would seek to use competition law for forcing companies to give third…

Anne Federle

Schrems II webinar - Judgment day

European Union - July 20 2020 The Court of Justice of the European Union will deliver its highly anticipated judgment on Thursday 16 July 2020, in the Case C-311/18, Data…

Ruth Boardman, Ariane Mole, Lennart Schüßler