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Black Friday discounts: check out your deals

United Kingdom - November 24 2022 Black Friday and Cyber Monday is here! While consumers generally welcome one of the largest consumer sales periods of the year, it’s been reported…

Shona O'Connell, Robert Turner

Recent rulings indicate continued ASA crackdown on age-sensitive adverts

United Kingdom - July 4 2022 On 15 June 2022, in a string of four rulings, the ASA reminds advertisers of the “enhanced disclosure” requirements applicable to marketing…

Shona O'Connell

Consumer Game Changer - The CMA will be Empowered to Directly Fine Businesses for Consumer Law Infringements as Queen’s Speech Confirms UK Consumer Law Reforms

United Kingdom - May 10 2022 In a game changing day for UK consumer regulation, the Queen’s Speech on 10 May 2022 confirmed that the proposed UK consumer law reforms will be…

Shona O'Connell, Sophie Stoneham, Robert Turner

Organisers of Rugby World Cup kick competition challenge on tender process into touch

France - March 22 2022 The French Commercial Court has vindicated Rugby World Cup Limited’s tender process in relation to the award of broadcasting rights for the Men’s…

Craig Giles, Thomas Oster

Influencer marketing in the UK - the regulator is watching

United Kingdom - January 17 2022 Influencer marketing is a popular medium for brands to interact and engage with their audiences in meaningful ways. It allows brands to partner with…

Amelia Barling, Sophie Stoneham, Robert Turner