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Commodities in Focus - Edition 13 2022

European Union, Global, United Kingdom - July 22 2022 Welcome to the thirteenth edition of Commodities in Focus (CIF); our bulletin for clients engaged in the production, trading, carriage, storage and…

Michelle Yong, Tom Adams, Stuart Beadnall, Simon Bollans, Ben Bryant, Francesca Cadoux-Hudson, Neila Cheeks, Denise Chong, Nikki Chu, Jonathan Cripps, Simon Domin, Ciaran Fitzpatrick, Hayley Flood, Rebecca Garrick, Andrew Green, Monika HumphreysDavies, Mark Lakin, Christine Ong, Chit Yee Ooi, Terence Seah, Emma Skakle, Alex Sorgo, Chris White

UK sanctions: professional and business services to Russian clients

European Union, Russia, United Kingdom - July 22 2022 On 4 May 2022, the UK Government announced a ban on services exports to Russia, stating: "The new measures will mean Russia’s businesses can no…

Stephen Ashley

Sanctions: UK to introduce new sanctions targeting Russian connected trusts

European Union, Russia, United Kingdom - July 15 2022 Following the EU's introduction of sanctions against EU trust and company service providers ("TCSPs") in May 2022, the UK government has now…

Stephen Ashley, Jonathan Conder, Kirsty MacHardy, Emily Osborne, James Quarmby

Finance litigation update - July 2022

European Union, United Kingdom - July 12 2022 Welcome to the latest finance litigation update, in which we summarise some of the most significant cases and other developments relevant to banks and…

Stephen Ashley, Camille Brien, Harriet Campbell, Edward Davis, Ciaran Fitzpatrick, Richard Garcia, Rebecca Garrick, Sean Jeffrey, Sophie Mahal, Donna Newman, Chris Pettett, Genevieve Quierin, Ben Sigler, Dan Smith, Lucy Walsh

Quincecare: duty, trigger and breach Nigeria v JP Morgan Chase Bank

European Union, United Kingdom - July 7 2022 In Federal Republic of Nigeria v JP Morgan Chase Bank (JPMC), the Commercial Court has provided welcome guidance about the scope of the Quincecare…

Harriet Campbell