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The "Reflective Loss Rule" following the Supreme Court's decision in Marex: Primeo v Bank of Bermuda

European Union, United Kingdom - September 14 2021 In Primeo v Bank of Bermuda The Privy Council has handed down an important decision concerning the reflective loss rule, which clarifies two points…

Harriet Campbell, Jeremy Livingston.

Disclosure is the 'price' to pay for a 'hint' of expert shopping - Rogerson v Eco Top Heat & Power Limited

European Union, United Kingdom - August 16 2021 When a party wants to change its expert, the court can, and usually will, order disclosure of any previous expert's report as a condition of granting…

Michael Barron, Harriet Campbell.

Finance litigation update - July 2021

European Union, United Kingdom - July 1 2021 Welcome to our latest finance litigation update, in which we summarise some of the most significant cases and other developments relevant to banks and…

Laura Andrewes, Stephen Ashley, Michael Barron, Harriet Campbell, Edward Davis, John Fordham, Richard Garcia, Rebecca Garrick, Richard Gwynne, Guy Harper, Maria Harris, Sophie Mahal, Donna Newman, Chris Pettett, Genevieve Quierin, Ben Sigler.

Corporate and commercial disputes update - May 2021

European Union, United Kingdom - May 27 2021 Welcome to our corporate and commercial disputes update, a new bi-annual publication in which we summarise some of the most significant cases over…

Mariam Basher, Harriet Campbell, Kate Cordery, Joseph Dale, Edward Davis, David Dowding, Sophie Mahal, Alina Neal, Chris Pettett, Rabia Ramputh, Emily Rivett, Ben Sigler, Joanne Wallace.

UK sanctions post-Brexit Some potholes and enforcement highlights

European Union, United Kingdom - March 16 2021 The UK now has in place more than 30 autonomous sanctions regimes, imposed under the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018 ("SAMLA"). OFSI's…

Stephen Ashley.