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Finance litigation update - December 2021

European Union, United Kingdom - December 8 2021 Welcome to our latest finance litigation update, in which we summarise some of the most significant cases and other developments relevant to banks…

Laura Andrewes, Stephen Ashley, Ian Benjamin, Julian Cahn, Harriet Campbell, Sean Crowley, Edward Davis, John Fordham, Richard Garcia, Rebecca Garrick, Richard Gwynne, Maria Harris, Paul Hollands, Jeremy Livingston, Sophie Mahal, Rebecca Mansbridge, Sue Millar, Alina Neal, Donna Newman, Chris Pettett, Genevieve Quierin, Emily Rivett, Ben Sigler

LIBOR transition: it's getting critical

European Union, United Kingdom - November 30 2021 From 31 December 2021, the Euro, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen and Sterling LIBOR will no longer be published. To avoid a cliff edge (and resulting…

Harriet Campbell, Sean Crowley, Alina Neal

The LMA's green, sustainable and social loan principles - what more can be done?

European Union, Global, United Kingdom - November 3 2021 COP26 is billed as a significant milestone for the transition to a sustainable future. The objective for the private finance work for COP26 is stated…

Archie Campbell

Hurricane Energy restructuring refusal: An ill wind blowing for bondholders?

European Union, United Kingdom - August 12 2021 The High Court has, for the first time since the introduction of the legislation in June 2020, refused to sanction a cross-class cram-down…

Ian Benjamin, Julian Cahn, Harriet Campbell, Edward Davis

Give back the money I sent you - I have made a mistake!

European Union, United Kingdom - July 2 2021 However, the ruling of the New York federal court in In Re Citibank August 11, 2020 Wire Transfers serves as an important reminder for financial…

Jonathan Proctor, Harriet Campbell, Sean Crowley, Donna Newman