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FIDIC’s Sub-Clause 20.1 under common and civil law

United Kingdom - September 4 2017 Contractor's claim notice provisions in Sub-Clause 20.1 are one of the most delicate provisions of the FIDIC contracts to navigate.1 Their purpose is…

First oil and gas licensing round: the future of oil and gas in Lebanon, May 2017

Lebanon - May 19 2017 With more than 100 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas in the East Mediterranean Sea, the Levant Basin is a new attractive area for the oil…

Robert Follie

French contract law Reform: what’s new?

France - September 2 2016 The French Government has, by Ordinance n° 2016-131 of 10 February 2016, amended the French Civil Code regarding contract law that had previously…

Perrine Bertrand

Striking out unfair contract terms in civil law jurisdictions

France - September 1 2016 This article considers certain aspects of the recent reform of the French Civil Code which have relevance to construction and infrastructure…

Réforme du droit des contrats en France : aspects pratiques en droit des sociétés et opérations de M&A, Mai 2016

France - July 4 2016 L’Ordonnance n° 2016-131 du 10 février 2016 portant réforme du droit des contrats, du régime général et de la preuve des obligations vient d’être…

Franck Bernauer