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Commodities Bulletin, September 2021

United Kingdom - September 29 2021 The focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and on ‘sustainable finance’ - the integration of ESG measures into financial…

Michael Buisset, Sarah Hunt, Simon Jerrum, Jason Marett, Daniel Martin, Amanda Rathbone

Insolvency: "we're Investing a lot in Singapore - as the hub for the ASEAN region, we see being there as really critical."

European Union, United Kingdom - July 15 2021 It’s almost hard to remember things before this new environment. Looking back at the financial system, the banks were pretty well capitalised. We…

Simon Jerrum

‘A complete mess’ Welcome to post-Brexit insolvency

European Union, United Kingdom - June 2 2021 Given the global pandemic, it's somewhat unsurprising that the UK's loss of access to the EU Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings (EUIR) has received…

Simon Jerrum

Insolvency: “There are going to be Casualties - Some Businesses just aren’t right for this New Environment.”

United Kingdom - May 18 2021 To the [UK] government's credit, there hasn't been a lot of insolvency. The furlough scheme, the business rates protections, the loan schemes; with…

Nick Braganza, Noel Campbell, Simon Jerrum

UAE insolvency - A new era or another false dawn?

United Arab Emirates - May 17 2021 A challenging economic environment and Covid-19 are behind a looming wave of contentious insolvency in the Middle East. The legislative framework in…

Nick Braganza