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Ports and digitalisation: what next?

Global, USA - July 5 2022 A look at the forthcoming changes to the IMO Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic and the legal, operational and technical…

The voyage to net-zero: what role can ports play?

European Union - October 5 2021 With increasing pressure for the shipping and logistics industries to implement low or net zero carbon operations, ports are emerging as key…

Sian Knight

Making waves: The future of shipping - Showcase film

United Kingdom - September 17 2021 'Making Waves: The Future of Shipping', is a programme highlighting the issues and opportunities facing the shipping industry at a time of…

Gudmund Bernitz, Peter Zaman

Do e-bills signal the end of LOIs for shipowners?

Australia - August 31 2021 Following on from our June 2021 briefing regarding the acceleration of adoption of e-bills of lading and the enabling legislative framework, this…

Chris Metcalf, Toby Stephens

Electronic Bills of lading - is this time different?

Global - June 10 2021 Digitisation is the buzzword of the year for those in the trade industry. Following several large-scale frauds in the trade finance space, there is…

Chris Metcalf, Amanda Rathbone, Adam Richardson, Louise Tan