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Commodities Bulletin, September 2021

United Kingdom - September 29 2021 The focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and on ‘sustainable finance’ - the integration of ESG measures into financial…

Rick Brown, Michael Buisset, Sarah Hunt, Simon Jerrum, Daniel Martin, Amanda Rathbone

The sustainable loan market and the commodities sector: what is it, what's new and what's to come

European Union - November 17 2020 In the second part of our series on responsible business, sustainable finance and ESG, we focus on the sustainable loan market: we look at the key…

Olivier Bazin, Cassandra Gridi, Sarah Hunt, Georges Racine

Responsible business, sustainable finance and ESG

Switzerland - October 21 2020 Over the past few years, environmental protection and human rights have moved centre stage in political and economic arenas. The development of a…

Cassandra Gridi, Sarah Hunt, Georges Racine

COVID-19 and commodity trade finance: The way forward

USA - June 16 2020 We look at the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic across commodity markets globally and how this is impacting financing arrangements…

Olivier Bazin

Getting the Green Light for Sustainable Finance in the Commodities Sector

Global, USA - February 24 2020 Banks, financial institutions and investment funds are coming under increasing pressure from shareholders, regulators and the public to “go green”…

Olivier Bazin