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Sanctions against Russia: are you prepared?

Russia, Ukraine - January 25 2022 The escalating situation on the border between Ukraine and Russia has already led to calls for international trade sanctions to be imposed. So what…

Daniel Martin, James Neale

The multifaceted approach towards regulating carbon emissions in international shipping: Global, regional and national measures

European Union - June 7 2021 A multi-layered and evolving regulatory landscape is emerging at the global, regional and national levels. These all share a common goal: to regulate…

Joseph Malpas, Alessio Sbraga

Reducing international shipping’s carbon intensity through the IMO’s EEXI and CII: charterparty implications and challenges

Global - March 31 2021 The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has approved draft regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from international…

Joseph Malpas, Alessio Sbraga

Sanctions as a Tool to Protect Human Rights at Sea

United Kingdom - September 1 2020 These measures follow similar steps taken by the US’s Global Magnitsky Sanctions Regimeand empower the UK Government to impose sanctions on th…

Daniel Martin

A general introduction to shipping law and practice in United Kingdom (England & Wales)

United Kingdom - June 9 2020 A general introduction to shipping law and commercial practice in United Kingdom (England & Wales), including key facts, figures, legislation, regulators and recent developments.

Andrew Chamberlain, Holly Colaço, George Eddings