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LNG Bulletin, December 2022

Asia-Pacific, European Union, Global, USA - December 21 2022 Welcome to the inaugural edition of the HFW LNG bulletin, with articles from some of our lawyers in Singapore, London and Houston. We have included a…

Justine Barthe-Dejean, Colin Chen, DAN PERERA, Brian Perrott, Amanda Rathbone, Adam Topping, Andrew Williams

Decommissioning bulletin, December 2021

Australia, Global, United Kingdom - December 17 2021 In 2011 Esso Exploration and Production UK Limited ( Esso) sold a special purpose vehicle (the SPV) to Apache UK Investment Limited (Apache) under a…

Benjamin Adamson, Richard Booth, Paul Dean, Johanna Ohlman, Simon Shaddick, Tom Walters

Jones Act update: Customs and Border Protection renders first floating offshore wind ruling

USA - September 7 2021 For the first time, U.S. Customs and Border Protection ("CBP"), in Headquarters Ruling H318739 (July 6, 2021) ("HQ Ruling"), applied the Jones Act to…

Courtney Campion, Melanie Fridgant, Chris Hart, Cade White, Michael Wray

CBP rules that the Jones Act applies to offshore wind energy projects on the outer continental shelf

USA - February 16 2021 For the first time, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confirmed that the coastwise laws, commonly referred to as the Jones Act,apply to…

Courtney Campion, Michael Wray

Assessing and Allocating risks for digital technology in the upstream E&P Sector

USA - September 26 2019 “The robots aren’t coming, they are already here. In May 2019, the Journal of Petroleum Technology addressed the exponential growth of…

Courtney Campion, Tom Lightsey, Cade White