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Implications for failure to perform "entire contract" for sale of vessel to be constructed - Western Australia of Court of Appeal dismisses appeal against judgment ordering shipbuilder to repay instalment payments in full

Australia - October 25 2021 In dismissing an appeal by the builder of a customised fishing vessel, the Western Australian Court of Appeal upheld findings by the trial judge that…

Western Australia gets tough - Covid ships may be barred, possible new criminal offences and increased penalties to be introduced

Australia - August 3 2021 The new "Notice to Shipping Industry" has come about because of two vessels recently arriving in Western Australia from Indonesia with a significant…

Tom Morrison, Ranjani Sundar, Stephen Thompson, Owen Webb.

Comprehensively yachts - HFW yachting industry briefing, July 2021

Australia, France, United Kingdom - July 15 2021 Though the 2021 Mediterranean yacht season may have been a little late in its start, from the volume of new build and sale and purchase transactions…

Hélène de Ferrières, Lizzie Gray, Alex Kemp, William Maclachlan, LYDIA REDMAN, Stéphanie Schweitzer, Ranjani Sundar, Mark Thompson, Tom Walters.

Spotlight: shipping contracts in Australia

Australia - June 9 2021 An overview of key considerations surrounding contracts in the shipping industry in Australia, including contracts for shipbuilding and carriage, as well as limitation of liability.

Alexandra Lamont, Tom Morrison, Simon Shaddick.

A general introduction to shipping law and practice in Australia

Australia - June 9 2021 A general introduction to shipping law and commercial practice in Australia, including key facts, figures, legislation, regulators and recent developments.

Alexandra Lamont, Tom Morrison, Simon Shaddick.