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Pitfalls of settlement agreements - How a warranty kept alive led to a AUS$7 million claim three years later

Australia - June 28 2016 Entering into a settlement agreement is often good news at the end of a challenged project; a settlement should bring finality and certainty to the…

Matthew Blycha, David Ulbrick

Arrest of the SAM HAWK: reversed on appeal and Australian position on maritime liens falls back into line with English and Singaporean law, October 2016

Canada, USA - October 11 2016 Five judges sitting as the Full Court of the Federal Court of Appeal have unanimously rejected a bunker supplier's asserted right to arrest the SAM…

Hazel Brewer, Naraya Lamart

It’ll all come out in the wash: how construction adjudications are like a front-loading washing machine, April 2016

Australia - January 1 2016 Front loading washing machines are magnificent inventions. They are more efficient and faster than the old school top-loaders. However, once the…

Matthew Blycha, David Ulbrick