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The Future of Sustainable Business - November 2021

Global - November 4 2021 Combining multiple lines of evidence,real-world observation and advanced computer modelling, the report’s authors have created the most accurate…

Olivier Bazin, Richard Booth, Jo Delaney, Jo Garland, Giles Kavanagh, Stephanie Morton, Alessio Sbraga, Paul Woodley, Peter Zaman

Sanctions clauses in LOUs and obligations under collision jurisdiction agreements (M/V Pacific Pearl Co TTD v Osios David Shipping Inc)

United Kingdom - October 28 2021 In M/V Pacific Pearl v Osios David, the High Court has held that an LOU containing a sanctions clause was in a 'reasonably satisfactory form' where…

James Neale

Commodities Bulletin, September 2021

United Kingdom - September 29 2021 The focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and on ‘sustainable finance’ - the integration of ESG measures into financial…

Rick Brown, Michael Buisset, Sarah Hunt, Simon Jerrum, Jason Marett, Amanda Rathbone

The Shipping Law Review: competition and regulatory law

European Union, OECD, United Kingdom - August 20 2021 Parties' freedom to contract may be restricted by a number of factors, the most significant of which for the maritime sector are likely to be…

Anthony Woolich

The Shipping Law Review: international trade sanctions

Global, United Kingdom - June 28 2021 At the turn of the century, international trade sanctions was a niche area, of limited interest to the great majority of commercial organisations…