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Fraudsters beware: Third-party Disclosure Orders are about to become easier to obtain

United Kingdom - September 22 2022 A new 'jurisdictional gateway' underlines the willingness of the English legal system to support victims of fraud, therefore ensuring it remains a…

Nicola Gare, Andrew Williams

What do the new 2022 ICSID Arbitration Rules mean for the parties?

Global - July 26 2022 In this briefing we examine the new International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) Arbitration Rules and comment on what they…

Nicola Gare, Adam Strong

"Subjects": pre-condition or performance condition, does it matter?

European Union, United Kingdom - May 27 2022 In commodities trading, it is quite common to find an agreement expressed as being "subject to" something. Notable examples include "subject to…

Joshua Prest, Amanda Rathbone

Commodities Case Update May 2022

Global - May 26 2022 We are delighted to present the May 2022 edition of the Commodities Case Update, the thirteenth in the series. The update provides a summary of ten…

Andrew Williams

Hfw litigation: consultation on Singapore mediation convention

Singapore, United Kingdom - February 11 2022 Of interest to commercial parties who engage in or would prefer to engage in mediation to resolve their disputes, will be the UK government's newly…

Nicola Gare