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Brexit dividend - Free Trade Agreement with India?

India, United Kingdom - May 13 2022 Briefings Negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement between the UK and India are currently under way, with negotiations expected to conclude by the end…

Johanna Ohlman

European Commission proposes a new anti-coercion regulation to counter economic coercion by third countries

European Union, Global - December 15 2021 The European Commission (Commission) has proposed a draft Regulation (Regulation) to counter the use of economic coercion by third countries against…

Eirini Roussou

European Commission introduces a draft law seeking to ban imports and exports of commodities from regions at risk of deforestation

European Union, Global - November 30 2021 The European Commission (Commission) has introduced a draft law which would ban the import and export of six core agricultural commodities to and…

Eirini Roussou

The Shipping Law Review: competition and regulatory law

European Union, OECD, United Kingdom - August 20 2021 Parties' freedom to contract may be restricted by a number of factors, the most significant of which for the maritime sector are likely to be…

Daniel Martin

Subsidy Control Bill 2021: UK announces Post-Brexit state subsidy regime

European Union, United Kingdom - July 19 2021 On 30 June 2021, the UK Government published the Subsidy Control Bill 2021 (the Bill) and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy…