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Collateral Management and Stock Monitoring Agreements - The Cast Iron Solution for Lenders?

United Kingdom - December 10 2020 2020 has been a year of upheaval and no less so than in transactional commodity finance, which has witnessed a series of major frauds. The…

Olivier Bazin

Improving liquidity by selling debts - a look at anti-assignment provisions in receivables financing.

United Kingdom - April 28 2020 Debts and contractual rights are generally freely assignable, unless prohibited by statute or, more often, by contract. This article will consider…

Olivier Bazin

Commodities: Common issues in oil trading contracts - Potential pitfalls in contract formation

United Kingdom - February 7 2019 This is the first in our new series, Commodities: Common issues in oil trading contracts, in which we tackle some of the issues which regularly crop…

Sarah Hunt

Common Issues in Oil Trading Contracts: Recoverability of Hedging Losses

United Kingdom - June 25 2021 Since the decision of Addax Ltd v Arcadia Petroleum Ltd, the English courts' former reluctance to find hedging losses recoverable has steadily been…

Sarah Hunt, Amanda Rathbone

Soft Commodities: Buyer beware - “as is” means “as is”. But should seller beware, too?

USA - November 11 2020 Sale of goods contracts typically feature carefully drafted quality specifications, so that both parties understand clearly what quality of goods is…

Sarah Hunt, Amanda Rathbone