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Letter of credit fraud: what protection is available?

United Kingdom - December 17 2015 Letter of credit fraud is becoming increasingly common and ever more sophisticated. Although the Uniform Customs and Practice Rules 600 (UCP 600) is…

Email payment frauds - staying one step ahead

Switzerland, United Kingdom - January 9 2020 Email payment frauds are becoming more elaborate and can have a heavy financial cost for those that fall victim to them. In this briefing, we examine…

Alix Bosson, Patrick Myers

Cryptocurrency: A Round Up Of Recent Decisions, September 2022

United Kingdom - September 12 2022 There is very little regulatory or legal guidance on cryptocurrency, and the developments in this area are piecemeal, but fast moving. This thought…

Rick Brown, Neil Chauhan, Matthew Cox, Nicola Gare, Adam Topping

Enforcing an arbitration award against a non-party: a recent English case

United Kingdom - December 16 2014 In Cruz City 1 Mauritius Holdings v Unitech Limited and others (11 November 2014), the English Commercial Court addressed the following issue:…

LME announces new warehouse receipt system

United Kingdom - July 10 2015 In the fourth quarter of this year, the London Metal Exchange (LME) is due to implement a new electronic depository system for warehouse receipts. It…

Damian Honey