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Electronic Bills of lading - is this time different?

Global - June 10 2021 Digitisation is the buzzword of the year for those in the trade industry. Following several large-scale frauds in the trade finance space, there is…

Chris Metcalf, Adam Richardson, Louise Tan, Joanne Waters.

Brexit and commodities derivatives regulation: Recent developments and their impact on commodities businesses

European Union, United Kingdom - October 21 2020 Negotiations for a post-Brexit trade deal now seem likely to go down to the wire. With the end of the transition period fast approaching and…

Andrew Green, Rochelle Musgrove, Adam Topping.

A rare force majeure success, but still a narrow one

United Kingdom - March 14 2019 It is difficult successfully to argue that contractual performance has been prevented or delayed by force majeure (FM). This is in part because…

Henry Clack, Nicholas Fisher, Judith Prior.

Commodities: Common Issues in oil trading contracts - Demurrage in sales contracts

United Kingdom - November 8 2019 This is the third in our series looking at common problems which can arise in oil trading contracts. In a previous article, we looked at…

Jeremy Davies, Sarah Hunt.

Coronavirus: can it be a Force Majeure event?

China - February 11 2020 The human cost of the novel coronavirus outbreak has been widely reported and the tragic consequences continue. In the commercial sector, we are also…

Patrick Knox, Brian Perrott.