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No place to hide from greenwashing oversight

United Kingdom - May 5 2022 With greenwashing quickly becoming the next focus of climate litigants, the UK regulators are under an increasing pressure to identify and intervene…

Biodiversity litigation: Environment analysis

Global - April 12 2022 There is no universally established definition of biodiversity litigation yet. However, biodiversity litigation can be defined as any legal dispute at…

Wynne Lawrence

Biodiversity liability and value chain risk report

Global - March 15 2022 Biodiversity risk is increasingly going to be on the corporate radar as part of ongoing work to mitigate climate change risk (and support…

Nigel Brook, Wynne Lawrence

End to plastic pollution? Towards an international plastics treaty

United Kingdom - March 11 2022 Plastic is a petrochemical product and its production causes significant greenhouse gas emissions. On current projections, by 2050 plastic production…

Nigel Brook, Saskia Wolters

Corporate due diligence increasing biodiversity liability risk for corporates

European Union - March 4 2022 Multiple indicators in early 2022 point to an increase in biodiversity risk. In the 21st century, the global rate of species extinction is tens to…

Nigel Brook, Wynne Lawrence