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Farce majeure… or simple frustration? Knowing where you stand in uncertain times.

United Kingdom - March 30 2020 The Covid-19 pandemic and the unprecedented social lock downs in both the UK and internationally have seen a rapid increase in queries relating to…

David Milner, James Roberts

Pointing the Way for Auditors? The Brydon Report

United Kingdom, USA - January 16 2020 Last Christmas gave the audit profession a report by Sir John Kingman which recommended the creation of a new regulatory body, the Audit, Reporting…

Andrew Forsyth, Simon Konsta, James Roberts

Disclosure is changing: Get ready

United Kingdom - January 18 2018 Proposals have been announced for a two-year pilot scheme, starting later this year, involving the introduction of new disclosure rules in the…

Ed Cotton

BREAKING NEWS: The final whistle on Sports Direct -v- Financial Reporting Council - game over?

United Kingdom - February 19 2020 Yesterday the Court of Appeal handed down its long-awaited decision on the 'no infringement exception' whereby, in certain circumstances, a regulator…

Andrew Forsyth, David Milner, James Roberts

An overview of the White Paper ‘Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance’

United Kingdom - March 18 2021 In this bulletin we summarise the headlines from the Government’s long-awaited White Paper. The Government’s approach to reform Public Interest…

Andrew Forsyth, Penrose Foss, David Milner, James Roberts