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Defamation and social media in the UAE, revisited

United Arab Emirates - September 28 2022 Under UAE law, publishing defamatory comments on social media is a criminal offence no different to publication in newspapers, books and magazines…

Alexandra Lester

Recoverability of lawyer's fees in DIAC arbitrations

United Arab Emirates - December 10 2020 In this article we discuss the perennial issue relating to the recoverability of lawyer's fees in arbitrations administered by the Dubai International…

Nitesh Patel

Covid-19 UAE: Business resilience - force majeure

United Arab Emirates - April 15 2020 Current circumstances are impacting businesses and supply chains in an extraordinary manner. Securing resilience in business operations is more…

Robert Lawrence, Benjamin Smith

How to avoid a software licensing dispute

United Arab Emirates - November 28 2019 Over recent years, we have seen an increase in software licensing disputes in the Middle East. In a common scenario, a software supplier audits a…

Alexandra Lester

Defamation and Social Media in the UAE

United Arab Emirates - April 3 2019 In recent years, a number of high profile defamation cases involving social media have made headlines in the UAE. Under UAE law, publishing…

Alexandra Lester