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New South Wales passes mandatory notification of data breaches scheme for its public sector agencies - to be in place by 28 November 2023

Australia - December 13 2022 The string of recent high-profile data breaches and cyber-attacks has prompted the NSW Parliament to strengthen privacy protections across NSW…

Reece Corbett-Wilkins, Chris Mclaughlin, John Moran, Linda Tran, Sofia Xu

Australia to have the largest maximum penalties for infringing privacy!

Australia - November 16 2022 Even before the Attorney‑General's review into the Privacy Act (AG's Review) is completed and the amendments to be introduced into Parliament by the…

Alec Christie, Reece Corbett-Wilkins, Chris Mclaughlin, John Moran

Data Breaches and Class Actions in New Zealand

New Zealand - August 23 2022 While there have been increased regulatory actions regarding data breaches in New Zealand, consumer actions have been less common. Below we consider…

Anthony Cooke, Mitchell Jensen, John Moran

Australia: The dawn of a new AFSL cyber risk management standard - Implications of the RI Advice Group decision

Australia - May 27 2022 On 5 May 2022, the Federal Court of Australia delivered its judgment in Australian Securities and Investments Commission v RI Advice Group Pty Ltd -…

Alec Christie, Reece Corbett-Wilkins, Avryl Lattin, Chris Mclaughlin, John Moran

Directors & Officers Liability Survey 2022

Global - April 27 2022 As directors and officers continue to be the subject of ever-increasing accountability, the report provides a global view on directors’ and officers’…

Mark Beswetherick, Ian Birdsey, Patrick Boardman, Dean Carrigan, Alec Christie, Laura Cooke, James Cooper, Reece Corbett-Wilkins, Ignacio Figuerol, Chris Holme, Jacques Jacobs, Edward Kirk, Avryl Lattin, Lucinda Lyons, Simon McConnell, David Meheut, John Moran, Rosie Ng, Jane O’Reilly, Daniel Le Roux, Mandip Singh Sagoo, Dr Henning Schaloske, Christopher Smith, Jacinta Studdert, Mark Sutton, Nicholas Sykes, Alena Titterton, Marc S. Voses, Mun Yeow