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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia employment law issues “in a nutshell”

Saudi Arabia - September 26 2013 A drive to promote the employment of nationals in the private sector has resulted in increased regulation of employment, for example, the introduction…

Sara Khoja

UAE public sector introduces mandatory COVID-19 testing

United Arab Emirates - January 17 2021 With the UAE government recently announcing the roll out of the Sinopharm Chinese COVID-19 vaccine to all citizens and residents, and the Emirate of…

Sara Khoja, Sarit Thomas

United Arab Emirates employment law at a glance

United Arab Emirates - March 18 2014 In addition to the DIFC, other free trade zones have been established in the UAE in order to encourage direct foreign investment. These other free…

Sara Khoja

Managing Workplace Injuries and Fatalities in Qatar and the UAE: What do employers need to know?

Qatar, United Arab Emirates - January 15 2017 The death of a construction worker at one of Qatar's World Cup stadiums in October has once again brought workplace health and safety into sharp…

Samantha Ellaby, Emma Higham, Sara Khoja, Richael Smith

Think before you speak and write! Defamation within the context of disciplinary investigations

United Arab Emirates - March 5 2018 Defamation in the UAE is often thought of in the context of social media. However within the employment relationship context, aside from the dangers…

Sarit Thomas