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Land transport regulation in Tanzania: what you should know about LATRA

Tanzania - May 31 2021 In Tanzania, road and rail are the most common methods of transport for cargo and passengers. In this article, we discuss the Land Transport…

Amreen Ayub, Imani Mselle

Tanzania issues new Mining Rules on Dispute Resolution

Tanzania - May 10 2021 Tanzania recently issued new Mining (Disputes Resolution) Rules, directly impacting companies and individuals operating in the mining sector and…

Amreen Ayub, Esther Kilimba, Tenda Msinjili

Webinar - Exploring audit liability trends in 2021: a global perspective with a focus on Africa

Africa - April 1 2021 Africa has not escaped the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it remains a focus from an investment perspective and Africa is the world's…

Wim Cilliers, Tim Crockford, Katy Fisher, Jared Kangwana, Simon Konsta, John Lewis, James Roberts

The impact of COVID-19 on Tanzania's banking and financial services sector

Tanzania - October 19 2020 In this article, we assess the impact COVID-19 has had on the banking and financial services sector in Tanzania and what policy measures have been…

Imani Mselle, Tenda Msinjili

East Africa: Negotiating construction contracts in the shadow of COVID-19

Africa - October 1 2020 We are all now aware of the unprecedented obstacles that the coronavirus has thrown up for the construction industry in just a few months. The need…

Alex Devereux, Imani Mselle