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Does this spark joy - a case for decluttering and tidying orbital space junk

OECD - March 15 2021 On 15 October 2020, a non-operational Russian satellite and a discarded Chinese rocket stage segment came within 70 metres of colliding…

Dylan Jones, Melissa Tang.

U.S. Space Force and the militarisation of Earth orbital space

USA - April 24 2019 Yesterday, the Policy Exchange (a leading U.K. Think-tank) held the inaugural event of its Space Policy Unit, in Westminster, London. The keynote…

Aviation Newsletter - February 2019

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - February 28 2019 In aviation disasters, it is not uncommon for claims to be commenced by foreign parties in US courts. This strategic decision is influenced by the…

Ankush Chauhan, Charles Urquhart, David Johnston, James M. Cooper, John Balfour, Mark Bisset, Melissa Tang, Paul Freeman, Ruth Bonino, Tom van der Wijngaart.

Gatwick meltdown: Drones in a no-go-zone

United Kingdom, USA - December 21 2018 The serious and extended closure of Gatwick Airport because of the suspected deliberate use of a drone infringing the airport airspace, has brought…

James Cooper, Maurice Thompson.

Drones: The view in Europe

European Union - March 15 2018 The evolution of drones and their use continues apace in Europe. This is a practical concern for small drones, which are operated at low altitude with…

Tom van der Wijngaart.