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Q4 | 2018

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Climate change and erosion of the UK's coastline

United Kingdom - July 30 2020 Experts have for many years been warning about the effects of coastal erosion in the UK by wind, waves and tides. The cause of land erosion is...

Permafrost - one of the world’s largest carbon sinks

USA - July 27 2020 Permafrost - a permanently frozen layer of ground below the Earth’s surface which covers as much as one quarter of the Northern Hemisphere - is...

Apex predators - ecosystem engineers

United Kingdom - July 21 2020 Trophic cascades are an ecological phenomenon involving a series of reciprocal changes in the populations of predator and prey, which may result in...

The Amazon rainforest - a self-sustaining ecosystem

Brazil - July 16 2020 Self-sustaining ecosystems are vast landscapes that create ideal conditions for their own survival. The Amazon rainforest, for example, generates at...

A coherent climate change strategy is a vital as ever for insurers

USA - July 8 2020 The scale of the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is remarkable. On the debit side of the balance sheet, the price of oil went briefly...