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Drones: Product liability, design specifications and standards

United Kingdom - April 21 2022 Any regulatory framework for drones must address the complex web of airspace integration, safety, security, noise, environment, privacy…

Patrick Slomski, Julie-Anne Tarr, Dr Tony Tarr

Drones and Insurance

Global - March 30 2022 Given technological advances, the veritable explosion in their usage, their capacity to carry heavier payloads and their ability to travel vast…

Julie-Anne Tarr, Dr Tony Tarr

Drones | Can regulators ever catch up with drone technology?

USA - March 17 2022 In this episode, Clyde & Co Partner Dino Wilkinson speaks to Drones specialists Maurice Thompson, Professor Julie-Anne Tarr and Patrick Slomski about…

Patrick Slomski, Julie-Anne Tarr, Dino Wilkinson

Aviation - COVID Recovery: Australia’s focus on international space cooperation for regional security interests

Australia - March 10 2022 Over the last few years Australia has signalled its renewed focus and ambitions in relation to civil space exploration and the use of outer space…

James M. Cooper, Olivia Puchalski, Merinda Stewart

Global Regulation of Drones

Global - March 9 2022 Widespread use of drones is now in place around mining, remote exploration works and repair, maritime work, geological survey, agricultural…

Julie-Anne Tarr, Dr Tony Tarr