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Energy tech | Technology and efficiency in a revolutionised energy sector

Global - June 30 2022 With governments around the globe committed to achieving Net Zero by at least 2050, energy efficiency has a critical role to play. But as Power points…

Richard Power, Tom Tippett, Dino Wilkinson

Data privacy in Investigations

European Union - December 14 2021 Data privacy issues can be critical in investigations, particularly those involving multiple jurisdictions. Companies engaged in global activities…

Anousheh Bromfield

Energy Tech Podcast: Technology and Efficiency in a Revolutionised Energy Sector

United Kingdom - June 30 2021 Using energy in a smart and efficient way is key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to manageable levels and achieving Net Zero by 2050. In this…

Richard Power, Tom Tippett

Brexit: The key implications for Employers and HR Professionals

European Union, United Kingdom - January 13 2021 Now that the UK and the EU have finally signed up to a trade agreement, it would be amiss of us not to mark the occasion with a short article covering…

Jonathan Chaimovic, James Major

Insurance Growth Report 2019 - mid-year update

Asia-Pacific, China, European Union, France, India, Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom - August 1 2019 Despite recent signs of market hardening, delivering a positive result for shareholders remains challenging and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are…

Stephen Browning, Ivor Edwards, William Hogarth, Gary Thorpe