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Pensions Ombudsman finds pensions trustees personally liable for investment losses

United Kingdom - May 8 2019 The Pensions Ombudsman has found two trustees personally liable to account for over £2.4 million of investment losses to a pension scheme. With…

Laura Cooke

TPR Annual Funding Statement 2019

United Kingdom - March 15 2019 The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has issued its 2019 Annual Funding Statement for defined benefit pension schemes. It builds on the Government’s white…

Matthew Ambler, Paul Hodges, Terry Saeedi

A Tougher Pensions Regulator - and gaining more powers

European Union, United Kingdom - March 5 2019 Over the last couple of years the Pensions Regulator (TPR) has been keen to emphasise that it is taking a "clearer, quicker, tougher" approach to the…

Matthew Ambler, Laura Cooke, Paul Hodges, Terry Saeedi

PPF Contingent Assets - Pensions Alert

United Kingdom - January 16 2019 Sponsoring Employers and Trustees of defined benefit (DB) pension schemes may need to act quickly to get new forms of Pension Protection Fund (PPF)…

Matthew Ambler, Paul Hodges, Terry Saeedi

Final decision in long running Barnardo’s pension increase court case

United Kingdom - January 7 2019 Increases are an important component of a member's pension, but can be costly to fund. In the latest in a line of cases, the Supreme Court in…

Matthew Ambler, Paul Hodges, Terry Saeedi