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The DFSA succeeds in opposing Arif Naqvi’s Judicial Review Application in the DIFC Court

United Arab Emirates - September 9 2021 The DIFC Court’s decision arises from an application made by Arif Naqvi, the founder and former CEO of the Abraaj Group, to challenge the DFSA’s…

Matthew Shanahan

Webinar - Exploring audit liability trends in 2021: a global perspective with a focus on Africa

Africa - April 1 2021 Africa has not escaped the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it remains a focus from an investment perspective and Africa is the world's…

Wim Cilliers, Tim Crockford, Jared Kangwana, Peter Kasanda, Simon Konsta, John Lewis, James Roberts

Is the price to appeal a DFSA Enforcement Decision now out of reach?

United Arab Emirates - November 15 2020 In this article, we look at the recent decision of the UAE's Financial Markets Tribunal (the FMT) in the Al Masah case¹ and, in particular, the FMT's…

Matthew Shanahan

In case you missed it: Recent changes to the DFSA Suitability Rules

United Arab Emirates - March 12 2020 In this article we summarise the recent changes to the Dubai Financial Services Authority's (DFSA) suitability rules, and look at their application…

Andre Abou Aad, Matthew Shanahan

Client Assets: regulatory focus should be a red flag for firms in the DIFC and ADGM

United Arab Emirates - January 6 2020 In this article we look at the client assets rules (CASS) applicable to UAE financial free zone firms. We discuss why firms should pay close…

Andre Abou Aad, Matthew Shanahan