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Update: More Australian Sanctions against Russia

Australia, Russia - March 28 2022 Since our last update, international governments have imposed additional sanctions on Russian interests in response to the war in Ukraine. Joining…

Avryl Lattin

Australian Sanctions announced in response to Russian invasion of Ukraine

Australia, Russia, Ukraine - March 1 2022 The world is seeing rapid changes to sanctions laws in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Australia is moving in lockstep with other countries…

Avryl Lattin

Modern slavery - an update on the regulatory environment and reporting trends

Australia - October 11 2021 Governments, investors, employees, and other stakeholders are increasingly focused on corporate efforts to combat modern slavery in supply chains. The…

Avryl Lattin

Buyer beware: Emerging transaction risks and how to mitigate them

Australia - September 5 2021 While the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to an uncertain and unpredictable environment since the outbreak took centre stage from early 2020, a raft…

Dean Carrigan, Jacques Jacobs, Avryl Lattin, Nic van der Reyden, Johann Spies, Jacinta Studdert

First 72 hours crisis management

Australia - July 12 2021 With COVID hot spots continuously arising across not only the Greater Sydney region but the nation, a clear pattern is emerging indicating that the…

Ernest van Buuren, Michael Tooma