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Mainland China — Recent case law on clean Bills of Lading in the sale of soybeans

China - November 21 2022 Soybeans, carry potential quality defects, and could easily be converted into the risk of mould development during the course of ocean transportation…

Christian Liu, Carol Wang

First Time Chinese Court Recognises English Commercial Judgment - The Expanded Interpretation of the "Principle of Reciprocity"

China, United Kingdom - April 26 2022 On 17 March 2022, after obtaining approval from the Supreme People's Court, the Shanghai Maritime Court (“SMC”) issued a ruling recognising a…

Sicong Jiang, Flora Tang

Chinese Courts Upholding the Validity of Defective Arbitration Clauses in Foreign-related Cases

China - December 16 2021 On 19 March 2021, in the case of Sichuan Daiyalan Trading v. Hong Kong New Wish Electronics (the “Daiyalan Case”), the Beijing Fourth Intermediate…

Sicong Jiang, Flora Tang, Canming Wang

Key Changes: 4th Edition of the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration Rules

Singapore - December 15 2021 The Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA) has recently published the 4th Edition of the SCMA Arbitration Rules (the Rules). This will apply…

Leon Alexander, Paul Collier, Asyraf Isnin, Jennifer Li, Nicholas Lum

Cyber Fraud in International Trade - Precautions and Remedies

United Kingdom - September 27 2021 The continuous development of cyber technology has also resulted in cybercrime permeating into various industries and markets. We have…

Eric Mo, Flora Tang