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Directors & Officers Liability Survey 2022

Global - April 27 2022 As directors and officers continue to be the subject of ever-increasing accountability, the report provides a global view on directors’ and officers’…

Richard Berkahn, Mark Beswetherick, Ian Birdsey, Patrick Boardman, Dean Carrigan, Alec Christie, Laura Cooke, James Cooper, Reece Corbett-Wilkins, Chris Holme, Jacques Jacobs, Edward Kirk, Avryl Lattin, Lucinda Lyons, Simon McConnell, David Meheut, John Moran, Rosie Ng, Jane O’Reilly, Daniel Le Roux, Mandip Singh Sagoo, Dr Henning Schaloske, Christopher Smith, Jacinta Studdert, Mark Sutton, Nicholas Sykes, Alena Titterton, Marc S. Voses, Mun Yeow

Lawyers' risk and regulatory briefing - Summer 2018

Canada, European Union, United Kingdom, USA - June 25 2018 Welcome to our 2018 Lawyers Risk and Regulatory Briefing, in which we consider emerging trends in the areas of claims, regulation and risk for…

Mark Beswetherick, Jessica Kelly, Janette McLennan, Tarryn Smith, Ernie Van Der Vyver

International Reinsurance Newsletter Edition 2 - UK & Europe

France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom - June 1 2017 If there is no express follow the settlements clause, the reinsured must prove that the loss fell both within the scope of the original insurance and…

Nigel Brook, Dr Kathrin Feldmann, David Meheut