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Gridlock in Australia - will the renewables projects find a workaround?

Australia - June 30 2021 On an international scale, renewable energy is the fastest growing energy-source, with increased investment, developing technologies and the…

Sophie Shiffman

Do the positives outweigh the negatives? Battery storage and insurance risks

Australia - April 30 2021 The increased development and installation of renewable energy Technologies in an attempt to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels has not been without…

Sophie Shiffman

Claims handling heats up in Australia

Australia - February 17 2021 There are significant changes ahead in respect of claims handling with the removal of the claims handling services exemption (so that such services…

Yvonne Lam, Avryl Lattin

Giving the green light to green hydrogen - what insurers need to know

Global - December 17 2020 Analysts are becoming increasingly more bullish about the long term future of green hydrogen, with recent estimates suggesting that the APAC, U.S. and…

Sophie Shiffman

BI test case referred direct to the NSW Court of Appeal

Australia - September 7 2020 On Friday, the Supreme Court of New South Wales approved a joint leapfrog application in the combined ICA/AFCA BI Test Case. On Friday, the Supreme…

Avryl Lattin