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On-demand webinar: Corporate Insurance - Around the World in 90 Minutes

Global - January 25 2023 Our Corporate Insurance team explores the recent corporate and regulatory issues in the rapidly-evolving global insurance sector. Speakers from…

Dr Andreas Börner, Joyce Chan, Matt Ellis, Roshanak Bassiri Gharb, Peter Hodgins, Jesús Iglesias, Andrew Lucas, Marc S. Voses, Ernie Van Der Vyver

Inflation will make 1/1 reinsurance renewals challenging

European Union - December 6 2022 At this year’s Baden-Baden meeting, inflation was at the front of European reinsurers’ minds, with this ongoing challenge to carriers’ profitability…

Insurance Growth Report 2022 - Mid-year update

Global - August 18 2022 Following the release earlier this year of the Insurance Growth Report 2022, which offered an overview and analysis of global insurance M&A across…

Joyce Chan, Ivor Edwards, Peter Hodgins, Marc S. Voses

Quarterly Update Insurance & Reinsurance 02/2022

Germany - June 29 2022 Unser aktuelles Quarterly Update Insurance und Reinsurance erreicht Sie im weiterhin andauernden Angriffskriegs Russlands gegen die Ukraine und…

Dr Andreas Börner, Dr Boris Derkum, Eva-Maria Goergen, Dr Rebecca Hauff, Isabelle Kilian, Ena Kurbegovic, Dr Behrad M H Lalani, Dr Henning Schaloske, Petra Scheida

Q&A: insurance & reinsurance regulation in Germany

Germany - May 23 2022 A Q&A guide to the regulation of insurance and reinsurance in Germany, covering company formation and licensing, regulatory agencies and examinations, investment rules, reinsurance agreements and much more.

Dr Andreas Börner, Sven Förster, Dr Henning Schaloske, Nikolaus Wank