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Update on the amendments to the Non-Citizens (Employment Regulation) Act in Tanzania

Tanzania - November 4 2021 The 2021 Written Laws¹ recently amended the Non-Citizens (Employment Regulation) Act of 2015 (the Act). In this article, we explore the key changes…

Peter Kasanda, Aliko Simon

Doing business in Tanzania: New legislative developments

Tanzania - September 13 2021 In this article, we summarise the key legislative amendments made by the Written Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments) (No.2) Act of 2021 (the 2021 Written…

Peter Kasanda, Margareth Maganga, Tenda Msinjili

Tanzania issues new Mining Rules on Dispute Resolution

Tanzania - May 10 2021 Tanzania recently issued new Mining (Disputes Resolution) Rules, directly impacting companies and individuals operating in the mining sector and…

Amreen Ayub, Peter Kasanda, Tenda Msinjili

Banking in Tanzania: Year in review 2020

Tanzania - December 10 2020 As the year draws to a close, we highlight the firm’s 2020 legal updates for the Tanzania banking sector, providing clients and interested parties…

Tenda Msinjili

Exploring Tanzania's new Online Content Regulations

Tanzania - August 24 2020 Tanzania recently published new Online Content Regulations under the Electronic and Postal Communications Act. The Online Content Regulations apply to…

Amreen Ayub, Amalia Lui, Tenda Msinjili