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Industry urged to adopt contract clauses to manage market volatility

European Union, United Kingdom - December 8 2021 Due to Brexit, Covid-19, and various other factors the construction industry has found itself faced with significant challenges impacting the…

Robert Meakin

Liquidation, termination, prolongation

United Kingdom - April 12 2021 As we await the judgment of the Supreme Court in the Triple Point case, we assess the current state of play, in light of recent developments in the…

Rebecca Evans, Robert Meakin

COVID-19 Africa: Legal considerations for construction site closures

Africa - July 24 2020 As governments across Sub-Saharan Africa introduce restrictions on movement and social interaction in an attempt to halt the spread of the COVID-19…

Peter Kasanda

Negotiating contracts in the shadow of COVID-19

United Kingdom - July 21 2020 We are all, of course, now only too well aware of the sheer scale of the disruption that COVID-19 has brought to every facet of business and industry…

Robert Meakin

COVID-19 Projects & Construction: Mitigating the impact on NEC3 Contracts in Sub-Saharan Africa

Africa - March 27 2020 This article addresses the implications on infrastructure projects procured under the NEC3 Engineering & Construction Contract ("ECC"). NEC3…

Alon Meyerov