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FDI: Where next for global investment in the UK construction industry?

United Kingdom - April 28 2016 Foreign Direct Investment has been increasing across all sectors of the UK economy - including in construction and infrastructure. What impact will…

Andrew Rourke, Stelios Coutsavlis, Liz Jenkins, Robert Meakin

Islamic Finance in Indonesia

Indonesia - June 15 2016 As the most populous Muslim- majority country in the world, Indonesia would seem an obvious target for investment in Islamic finance. However, in a…

Neil Williams

UAE Federal Netting Law

United Arab Emirates - October 28 2018 The UAE's new Netting Law (Federal Law No. 10 of 2018) (the Federal Netting Law) was issued on 20 September 2018 and will come into force one month…

Tariq Hameed

COVID-19 Middle East: Relief packages in the United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates - April 20 2020 The coronavirus (or COVID-19) was first reported in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. With person-to-person transmission, reported cases have since…

Sara Khoja