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Appointing a director

United Kingdom - October 31 2022 We have previously written about the removal of directors by ordinary resolution, which you can find here. A less talked about topic, but arguably of…

Stephen Burns

Limitation periods for fraud, concealment or mistake: know your limits

European Union, United Kingdom - May 5 2022 The Limitation Act 1980 prevents the pursuit of stale claims and promotes finality in litigation. It also contains safeguards to ensure that…

Simon Heatley

The Environment Agency - the power to act but without sufficient resources to do so effectively?

United Kingdom - March 7 2022 Hot off the heels of the Environment Act 2021, which came into force in November 2021, the UK Government unveiled its plans to crack down on waste…

Jamie Cartwright

Managing risk in property management companies - corporate governance and considerations for directors

United Kingdom - January 14 2021 It has recently been announced that Companies House has launched an awareness campaign and online guide to highlight key considerations for flat…

Stephen Burns

The end of LIBOR - a risk free change?

United Kingdom - May 15 2020 As many now know, the London Interbank Offer Rate (LIBOR) is to be phased out by the end of 2021 and will cease to be published. But what does this…

Stephen Burns