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Ground risks revisited

United Kingdom - December 17 2018 The default position at common law is that the risk for unforeseen ground conditions or ground risk lies with the contractor. That default position…

Keith Kilburn

Overpayments to a contractor spells hard luck for employer

United Kingdom - November 22 2016 A recent Court of Appeal decision illustrates the dangers of failing to properly assess the amount due to a contractor, resulting in an overpayment…

Stephanie Clarke, Manus Quigg

Writing on the wall for variations-in-writing clauses?

United Kingdom - May 18 2016 Most construction contracts contain a clause that specifies all variations to the contract must be in writing. Indeed, there is nothing unusual in…

Andrew Groom, Manus Quigg

Coronavirus - how does your contract allocate the risk?

United Kingdom - February 28 2020 At the time of writing, the World Health Organization is on the brink of declaring coronavirus as a worldwide pandemic. With governments around the…

Andrew Groom

Termination: make sure you follow what the contract says you need to do

United Kingdom - November 22 2017 The recent decision in Interserve Construction Ltd v Hitachi Zosen Inova AG, has confirmed the importance of understanding and complying with the…

David Arnott