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Document production in International Arbitration

Global, United Kingdom - October 28 2022 In international arbitration involving disputed issues of fact, documentary evidence will play a central role in how parties present their respective…

Ryan Openshaw

Business takeovers: is the deal really on the table?

United Kingdom - October 7 2022 In recent months you may have seen the headlines about Tesla boss, Elon Musk's potential takeover of social media platform, Twitter. The site is…

Naomi Davies

Security for Costs

United Kingdom - September 16 2022 In our blog on costs in international arbitration, we explained the type of costs that may be incurred in arbitral proceedings and outlined some of…

Ryan Openshaw

What is international arbitration and what law applies?

United Kingdom - September 16 2022 International arbitration is a means of resolving disputes between parties, usually organisations of some kind, in different countries or…

Joyce Cullen, Stephen Goldie, Tony Jones KC, Iain Rutherford

Costs recovery in International Arbitration

United Kingdom - August 26 2022 Cost recovery is often a key consideration for parties both in contemplation of and during international arbitration. As with all other forms of…

Ryan Openshaw